Launching new fragrances with Chris Collins.

- June 16, 2022


Chris Collins, a businessman and former model best known as one of the faces of  Ralph Lauren’s menswear for over two decades, launched his fragrance line in 2017 and has been collaborating with Adjust since the beginning of last year (March 2021). 

Chris Collins, who has produced a total of nine collections since his brand’s debut, has launched a further three collections that are similar to the notorious “Discovery Set” and are, without a doubt, collections that everyone will want.

The latest collection and products

When searching for the right fragrance, it can be very disappointing to purchase a 50ml bottle just to discover that you do not enjoy the aroma as much as you had anticipated. Therefore, the masterful Chris Collins has launched a new collection that allows customers to explore several perfumes in travel-sized bottles, ensuring that you not only get to sample different aromas but also don’t waste anything.

Introducing the Coffret Selection

Similar to the Discovery Set, the Coffret Selection is a collection of four 7.5ml perfumes chosen by the buyer from a selection of 10 fragrances. The beauty of this collection is that buyers may determine whatever fragrance they like and then purchase a full bottle of their preferred scent.  

In addition, Chris Collins does not fail when it comes to the packaging and presentation of the bottles, which are arranged in a black case with gold packaging inside. 

The purpose of this collection is for you to experiment with each fragrance to see which one speaks to you the most.

Travelers Collection

We all want to smell our best, and this is especially true while travelling to new places, whether for business or pleasure. However, bringing a 50ml or 100ml bottle of perfume or aftershave seems like such a waste of space and inconvenience, especially if the trip involves flying. 

It would be ideal if our favourite scents were available in a travel-sized bottle. Well, thanks to Chris Collins’ Traveller Selection, you can do exactly this. 

The Traveller Selection is comprised of a little vial of scent and an elegant travel box, allowing you to express yourself without words. The five available perfumes are as followed: 

  •     Harlem Nights
  •     Danse Sauvage
  •     Lost in Paradise
  •     Citrus Grandis
  •     Long Kiss Goodnight.

Voyageurs Collection

The final instalment for Chris’ latest collections is a mixture between the Coffret and Traveller collections. The collection consists of 3 sets of 3 fragrances from each scent collection to express different facets of one’s personality, as Chris would describe. The options are meant to be chosen based on which you believe will match your state of mind the most: 

  •     Thoughtful and Flirtatious dark romance 
  •     Warm and Confident Renaissance
  •     Romantic and Wistful Anima

Each set includes 3 x 7.5ml bottles as well as a luxurious travel case that allows the scents to be taken anywhere in the world. Again, very similar to the previous collections, all of which are easily portable and allow customers to explore different scents.

What we did

In addition to Chris’ new collections, we at Adjust have enhanced this launch and the purchasing experience for his clients. To put it simply, the website has been custom-coded to enable the selection of multiple scents, meaning that it was constructed from scratch by our developer, as Shopify does not offer this sort of functionality. Thus, we have ingeniously devised a means for customers to pick four different choices for a single product, which are then instantly added to their shopping cart.

In addition, we assisted Chris with the introduction of his new product lines and will continue to work with him in the future to generate further functionality and releases. Adjust takes great pride in this relationship and has truly enjoyed working with him over the last year.


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Words by Ailis Finn-Looby