Trigère – bringing a heritage brand back to life.

Latest News - May 24, 2021

Trigère, a Franco-American icon.

Pauline Trigère was a French-American fashion designer, arguably one of the most iconic in the American style industry. Most famous for being the innovator of the jumpsuit, the sleeveless coat and the reversible cape, Trigère as a brand has a rich and unique history.

Often referred to as “America’s Coco Chanel”, Pauline’s iconic creations gained massive popularity in the USA in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Throughout history, the lavish designs have been worn by countless celebrities and fashion icons, including Kate Moss, Meryl Streep and Winona Ryder.

The daughter of two tailors, Pauline ruled New York fashion for 50 years, bringing across the European style revolution. Pauline was, and always will be, a member of fashion industry royalty.

Although, her reign over New York ended in 2002, when she sadly passed away.

Trigère Today.

Since her passing, Trigère has not been forgotten. In 2019, the new Creative Director of the company, Franklin Benjamin Elman, brought a new generation of style to the iconic brand.

Born in Montreal, Franklin has since been home to many illustrious fashion houses, including Dior and Jil Sanders. However, he aimed to be the one to relaunch the iconic Trigere luxury heritage brand.

Elman has aspired to emulate Pauline’s iconic style in many ways. She was known for her refusal to sketch designs, instead she’d drape the fabric over the models themselves. To mirror this beautiful tradition, each of Elman’s new and beautiful designs is made to order, just like Trigère did herself.

Since launching, the brand has collaborated with Annie Lennox’s ‘The Circle’ in order to raise money for the women’s charity. They designed a t-shirt embroidered with the brand’s 1942 house font, from which, 50% of the sale proceeds would go directly to the charity which aids less fortunate women and girls.

What we did.

In 2021, working alongside us here at Adjust, we were able to launch a newly branded website. Introducing the brand to E-commerce for the first time in Trigère history.

In order to meet the understandably high standards of the brand, we used a Shopify theme, but stripped it back in the interest of implementing a number of custom features to the site. This was aided by the help of our partners: Gorgias, Veeqo and Zonos.

The launch in early 2021 was aided by our paid social strategy using Facebook and Instagram ads to push the brand to a new audience.

Our strategy included targeting globally known affluent areas, including: London, New York, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. This led these customers to sign up for our mailing list, created using Klaviyo’s custom form integration. Onced signed up, they received a password, giving them privileged access to view the rebirth of Trigère before anyone else.

We launched the website in March 2021 on Shopify. Franklin and Trigère remain an ongoing client that we will continue to work with. Here at Adjust we’re excited to see the growth of the site on Shopify.

View the project here.

View their website here.

Words by Ellie Rochell