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Partnerships - June 16, 2022

About VideoWise

Shopify’s video shopping solution will take your website to the next level. 

Whilst videos are currently still designed for watching, the video platform is changing the game by bringing conversions into the spotlight.

VideoWise is one of the first video solutions for ecommerce that can enhance your Shopify website and help retain customers via videos on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or your own video uploaded and converted into high definition shoppable videos. 

What VideoWise can do for your business

Online shopping has lately been the standard, with the number of online-only stores rising, but it is not always simple to see how a product appears or to get trustworthy reviews. 

VideoWise is redefining the way we purchase and review items; customers want to know why a product has a positive or negative rating, thereby removing the possibility of viewing a fake review. VideoWise does exactly this. 

Video Management  

With VideoWise all your video content is hosted in one, centralised, secure place. Upload or import videos from official integrations with TikTok, Instagram or YouTube.

Pages with videos keep customers far more engaged than photographs alone, increasing the average session time 5X. that is why VideoWise is great for encouraging customers to remain on your website and spend more.

Video UGC finder using A.I.  

Being YouTube’s biggest compliant partner, their A.I. based methodology can also scrape through millions of UGCs to find that content that mentions your brand and products.

On-site shoppable videos

With their help, you can easily embed shoppable videos on-site at scale, on any page using custom pre-designed video widget themes that blend in with the look and feel of your brand.

Everything is fully customisable, page speed friendly, and the implementation is easy, intuitive, and requires almost no effort. Also, customers are being engaged with a mobile video experience that they are familiar with – all videos offer an immersive, swipeable video experience.

There are also a selection of off-site features:

Off-sire shoppable videos – the NEW HOT feature

Yes, the new feature of VideoWise allows you to share shoppable videos ANYWHERE outside your website and by anywhere we mean email, SMS, 3rd party websites, and social media. This is remarkable because it gives e-commerce brands exposure to a whole new audience. The company’s founder, Claudiu Cioba expects ‘it will blow up this summer’.

The Most Advanced Video reports & Analytics

You will get the most insightful Shopify video analytics, with granular reports per video, per widget and per page. The full shopper journey from visitor to customer will be tracked through complex engagement and conversion reports, so you can make data-driven decisions and optimise for success.

Ultimately, VideoWise creates a more engaging way to present and sell products online with a TikTok like, swipe-able feed for Shopify websites.

Case Studies

If you still need some convincing about how effective and successful VideoWise is, Apolla an all-female-owned company that have created life-changing socks for athletes all over the world worked with VideoWise to harness the power of social proof and influence their customers. 

Turning visual UGC into stoppable videos helped Apolla scceddfully engage and convert more customers, generating astounding results:

  •       +$100k driven revenue in just one month 
  •       10.88% conversion rate 
  •       412X ROI 

Co-Founder and COO Apolla, Kaycee Cope Jones praised working with VideoWise:- 


“Incredible company, high tough white-glove help and service. I cannot say enough good things about them! It has been a wonderful addition to our website!”


With the help of VideoWise, Apolla were able to capitalise on the growing trend of UGC by making videos of customers using their products, shoppable. This resulted in huge surge in engagement and conversion rates as well as inviting world class athletes to provide testimonials which are then turned in to shoppable videos, further converting more customers. 


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Words by Ailis Finn-Looby