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Partnerships - June 13, 2022

About Yotpo

The leading ecommerce marketing platform, assisting thousands of forward-thinking firms of all sizes, such as MVMT Watches, Steve Madden, and GoPro, with their online marketing efforts.

The platform’s strategy is to integrate data-driven solutions for reviews, loyalty, SMS marketing, and more, enabling brands to build smarter, higher-converting customer experiences that ignite and maintain customer connections.

How Yotpo can help your business

Every organisation wants to increase sales, expand their reach, and gain a deeper understanding of client feedback. Yotpo is therefore ideal for accelerating growth through user-generated content (UGC).  

It appears that anytime we hear a recommendation for a movie, restaurant, or television programme, depending on the source, we listen and want to see if it lives up to its reviews. The same holds true for online user-generated reviews and content. When purchasing a product, we want to hear from previous customers. 

As consumers, we want to assume that the reviewer has no hidden motives and the review is genuine. Positive reviews are usually encouraged and appreciated by businesses, because who doesn’t want a nice review? However, because there are so many social media platforms and email marketing methods, it can be challenging to find excellent and trustworthy reviews.  

According to data science, Yotpo’s platform creates up to nine times as many customer reviews and content than any other user-generated content. Yotpo not only analyses reviews, but also displays relevant photographs, videos, and questions from consumers across various marketing platforms. 

A Yotpo survey found that around 55% of customers engage with UGC prior to making a purchase. This ratio is considerably higher for buyers under 30, as 97 percent of shoppers between the ages of 18 and 29 stated that reviews had a significant impact on their purchasing decisions.  

Ultimately, Yotpo is the ideal platform for generating sales via customer reviews and offering consumers with reliable feedback. 

How Yotpo works

Yotpo is a user-generated marketing platform that enables marketers to collect, curate, manage, and respond to all types of user content from a single platform using its technology and solutions. 

This is achieved by utilizing information throughout the buyer’s journey, hence increasing brand exposure and sales. By integrating technologies, integrations, and partnerships with Facebook, Google, and Shopify, the application is made simple to use and administer.  

Yotpo can also turn reviews into sales by collecting reviews via SMS review requests, review request emails, Yotpo on-site widgets, and consumer rewards for providing feedback.  

Customer-generated information may also be displayed in specific ways to boost sales, such as a review area on the homepage, star ratings shown alongside items, and upselling opportunities at checkout.  

Yotpo also gives ecommerce organisations insights to aid in enhancing their offerings and making better decisions.

Also from Yotpo

In addition to UGC, Yotpo’s platform has various other features that can improve client engagement and experience, such as a loyalty programme and SMS and subscriptions.

First, the loyalty programme is fairly self-explanatory, with the goal of re-engaging inactive members by sending them a reminder of their point balance, perks, and the number of points left to earn until the next reward. When members reach the next loyalty tier, an automatic message will also be delivered to them congratulating them on their achievement.

The SMS and subscription is for users who have paid for a subscription and is limited to SMS messages. This specific offer is intended to demonstrate appreciation for subscribers by providing exclusive discounts and promotions by text message. This offer also provides members with the option to shop before anybody else, therefore increasing engagement with your website.


Yotpo’s partnership with Adjust

Adjust are delighted to announce its partnership with Yotpo, and as a result, we will be recommending the platform to our clients. Although we may be biased, we at Adjust are extremely impressed with the platform and feel our clients’ websites and customer experience will benefit greatly from integrating Yotpo.


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Words by Ailis Finn-Looby