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Since its founding in Liverpool, 92 Degrees has undergone significant evolution and growth. Initially, it started as a small coffee shop and roastery, where the focus was on creating high-quality, unique coffee blends. Over time, 92 Degrees has grown into a national chain, establishing numerous stores across the UK. Each location is designed to be an inviting and inspiring environment, perfect for both socialising and working.

The brand places a strong emphasis on sourcing ethically produced coffee beans, ensuring that each cup of coffee is not only delicious but also supports sustainable farming practices. Their roasting process is tailored to bring out the best flavours in each blend, reflecting their commitment to quality and excellence.

92 Degrees Coffee has established a strong presence across various locations in the UK. In Liverpool, they operate multiple sites including Hardman Street, Jamaica Street, Myrtle Street, LIPA, Everton F.C Stadium, Lime Street Station, and Central Station. Manchester features stores on John Dalton Street and in Spinningfields. Salford houses the Middlewood Locks location. Leeds boasts several branches on Claypit Lane, Mustard Wharf, Boar Lane, and Call Lane. Additionally, there are locations in Edinburgh on Hanover Street and in Glasgow at Queen Street Station.

What we did.

In addition to their physical stores, 92 Degrees has expanded their reach through an online presence, offering their blends for purchase to a wider audience. This allows coffee enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite 92 Degrees coffee from the comfort of their homes. This is where 92 Degrees reached out to Adjust Studio for help with building their new Shopify store.

The project involved integrating their distinct branding, crafting attractive layouts that utilised their custom fonts, incorporating the Recharge app for seamless subscription management as well as building a careers page. This project not only enhanced the visual appeal of the site but also improved functionality, making it easier for customers to subscribe to their favourite coffee blends and fostering customer loyalty through a user-friendly interface.


You can see the new website we built for 92degrees.coffee here

This project has significantly enhanced 92 Degrees’ online look & feel, improved customer engagement, and supported their growth. The positive feedback and increased user interaction demonstrate the project’s success and its benefits for the company. We look forward to seeing them grow more over the years.

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