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Who is Chris Collins

Chris Collins is widely known for his previous career as a model. Although, despite loving this stage of his career, he still has a lot more to offer. The businessman and globetrotter gained his immaculate sense for luxury during his longer-than-twenty year career exploring the world and experiencing high-end products in all of their glory.

He often refers to his dedicated time at Ralph Lauren as the best education he received into brand building. This, he says, is what builds an experience and creates an emotional connection with consumers.

World of Chris Collins

Since creating World of Chris Collins over three years ago, he has immersed himself into the production process. A majority of the time, the perfumery work takes place in Connecticut, in one of his many homes. Not just the ‘face of the brand’, Chris dedicates his time to perfecting the scents himself.

Safe to say he is much more than just a pretty face, with two university degrees and extensive history giving to charity. He was scouted for modelling while studying pre-med, having dreamt of becoming a doctor. He is also known by many for his philanthropic work and always showing acts of kindness to help those less fortunate. Following hurricane Katrina and the devastation it left behind, Chris travelled to New Orleans to help rebuild the homes of people who lost all they had.

What we did

As our client, he required a website redesign from his current site. Using Shopify, we adjusted his site to fit his brand identity, we did this using a theme alongside custom coding to add extra features which he desired.

The theme chosen featured a lighter set up with space allocated for the images of his beautiful items. As his old site was also created on a Shopify theme, this allowed us to more easily grasp the concept he wanted from the new website and edit the features which were previously in place.

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Words by Ellie Rochell

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