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Who is Francesca Louise

Francesca Louise is a folk and indie singer-songwriter from the North-West, who resides in Liverpool. Her melancholy, soulful voice and sincere, personal lyrics captivate people. Influenced by the likes of Billy Marten, Lucy Rose and The Staves, Louise’s career began in 2019 with the release of her debut single, ‘Birds’. Since then, she has released her debut EP, ‘Melancholic Antidote,’ which has six tracks.

Following the release of ‘Melancholic Antidote,’ Louise has released two more songs this year. ‘For Michael’ is an emotional homage to a family member who passed away suddenly in 2019. The other song is ‘Second Time,’ which is also an emotional song that tackles the journey of life and the lessons we learn along the way, as well as the importance of never losing hope or giving up when the going gets rough.

Francesca is already taking the music business by storm, having supported the Nashville-based indie folk-rock duo The Harmaleighs, the British pop band Echobelly, and Juanita Stein, along with radio plays, BBC live sessions, and festival appearances in 2020.

With her latest single ‘Odyssey’ released last week, Friday 10th June, this is another powerful and emotive song that posed many questions throughout, allowing listeners to feel apart of the song.


What we did

For the release of Francesca’s new single, Odyssey, we worked with her to produce a music video based here in Liverpool. The main aim of the videography was to really show off and capture the city in all its beauty and simplicity, as well as showing the different walks of life there are all around us and encourage one another to appreciate the simple things in life.

The filming was completed in just one day with Francesca, we created a 4-minute music video that showed the story behind the lyrics and the connection to the city.

Odyssey means ‘a long wandering or voyage’, and the song along with the accompaniment of the video really speaks to the title. Creating a story like feel throughout, as well as showing off Liverpool, as the person who triggered the writing of this song loved the city.

Relevant Links

The single is out now and available to download, to watch the video click here


To visit Francesca’s website click here


To listen to her song on Spotify click here


Words by Ailis Finn-Looby

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