The Bourbon Concierge

Shopify Plus Website & WooCommerce Migration


The Bourbon Concierge is a family-owned business based in the US capital, Washington DC. The company was founded in 1995 and for the past two decades has been serving its products to specialty-buying customers.

With the main focus being on bourbon, whiskey and rye, they sell bottles of liquor made in the USA but barrel-aged for much longer, improving the flavour and increasing the rarity of the bottles. This is often considered a dying art, meaning their stocks have limited purchase amounts due to the scarcity of these products. 

They specialise in handcrafted, high-quality liquor. When they first opened, their priority was based on providing a ‘white-glove’ service to build relationships with their local loyal customers. As a family-based business, they encourage possible customers to call, chat or email in order to decide which of their products is best suited.

Their site is home to some of the most exclusive liquors on the market, with some bottles in excess of $60,000. Brands including Van Winkle, Old Fitzgerald and even the highly sought-after Tesla Tequila, with only five bottles available on their site.  

What we did.

The Bourbon Concierge team came to us with new branding and a list of requirements that they needed for their new site. To create their desired effect we used the Shopify platform, alongside a wide range of custom development to give them the website they sought after. Their old site was originally built on WordPress (using Woocommerce) and we migrated them over to the new Shopify site which you can check out here on

Their old site was dated, and needed a review of processes to create an easier user experience for their high-end clients to use the site and purchase their goods. We created a more up-to-date user interface as well as improve their back-end processes to make it easier to manage orders using FedEx. 

Over time since the launch of the website, they have grown rapidly and have recently upgraded to Shopify Plus.

The results.

Since the website went live the client has seen a vast improvement in user experience and The Bourbon Concierge is able to send their valued products across the USA at the click of a button. Using Shopify payments some transactions have gone through of up to $20k just for the one bottle, showing that Shopify isn’t just for start-ups and high-end brands can operate on the platform comfortably. 

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